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Psychic Investigation

Expedition to Bhangarh

We have been on two expeditions to Bhangarh, Rajasthan, in January 2012 and 2013. On both occasions, our team comprised about 10 members lead by Ipsita Roy Chakraverti. The aim was to document and investigate the alleged haunting at Bhangarh.

There has been a lot of fear and rumours associated with the old fort and its complex which goes back to the 16th century. Many legends surround it going back to the time of Jai Singh II , Queen Ratnawati a mistress of magic and an evil tantric who when rebuffed by the beautiful Ratnawati, cursed all who were within its walls that their souls would forever remain trapped there.

Our intention was to sift through superstition and come to the truth of the mystery behind Bhangarh.

Our findings revealed that this was no ordinary ghost story.

We photographed strange lights, dusky shapes which followed us around, and luminous orbs in the ‘exorcism chamber’. The electronic eye from so many different cameras spoke the same story.

One part of our investigation was based on the subjective, on what our team of about 10 members experienced and felt. Certain sections of the central corridor in the main fort seemed alive with a malevolent energy which was very aware of our presence. Some rock chambers there were still being used for dubious ritual purposes and were streaked with vermillion.

Some other parts of the temple complex seemed to hold swirling energies which played on in the same rhythm of centuries ago, and seemed to seek prayer and understanding.

One ruined section near the fort walls had special significance. There was a chamber, half walled up, which seemed to hold trapped presences. That chamber responded to our thoughts and prayers for peace, and many trapped souls seemed to find a healing and release. It was akin to a cleansing,

Our photographic findings seemed to tally with what we had sensed and felt.

Photographs from eight different cameras showed the presence of luminous orbs responding to us. They had an ectoplasmic core and seemed to be aware of us. When enlarged, they had a brilliant glow within them, and many were ringed with a white-bright border. Some had half formed features within. Dark shadows appeared to have followed us down a long corridor and were caught on camera.

In the West, Michael Ledwith DD, LLD and professor of systemic theology who served as a member of the International Theological Commission for seventeen years, and Klaus Heinemann, PhD in experimental physics and researcher at NASA for many years are pioneers of the subject of orb photography. Their book, ‘The Orb Project’ examines the subject extensively.

In India, we have been the first to successfully document the Orb Phenomena.

The psychic investigations by the Young Bengal Brigade and their findings show their own personal experiences and can in no way be taken to be certifications of any form.